Sunday, February 15, 2009

Rihanna Tells Police Chris Brown Has Hit Her Before

Chris Brown and Rihanna seemed like the perfect couple on the outside, but after his recent arrest for felony battery, we've learned that it wasn't the first time Chris raised a hand on her. According to Police reports, Rihanna claims that Chris has hit her in the past and she referred to it as an ongoing and escalating abusive relationship. When Rihanna first spoke to LAPD she refused to tell them what started the argument that night. We've now learned that it was the result of another woman sending Chris a text message about meeting up later on in the night. During the argument, according to the police report, she ordered him to drive her home and she "faked a call" to someone, saying things like, "He's dropping me off. Make sure the cops are there," reports TMZ. This enraged Chris. He then said something to the effect of "You are really fu**ed up now. I'm going to kill you." That's when Chris allegedly began his violent attack with his fists. At some point during the attack Rihanna took the car keys out of the ignition and threw them outside. He reportedly went outside to look for them, and returned back to the car and allegedly chocked her. That's when she lost consciousness and a witness called 911. Based on Rihanna's statement and her injuries Chris will definitely face a felony domestic battery charge, but it's unclear at this time whether or not if that's the only charge he'll get because evidence that he made criminal threats against Rihanna is kind of thin.

MTV To Air "Chris Brown and Rihanna: Love In Trouble" Special

Image by Splash News
This seems a little too soon for MTV to be banking off the Chris Brown and Rihannascandal. But this Monday the network will be airing a 30-minute special taking a look at the events surrounding the violent breakup between the two. Jeez! They’re worse than E! We don’t even have all the facts yet, and they’re already dramatizing the whole thing! A statement from the network reads: “MTV News has gathered journalists and industry professionals - as well as an in-studio audience of young fans - to provide insight and commentary about what the incident means for both artists’ careers and lives, and society in general.” Talk about weird! A relationship expert will also be on hand during the special to offer young couples advice on coping with domestic violence. We guess that part of the program is a positive thing, but creating a whole program about the incident between Chris and Rihanna so soon seems wrong. What do you think? Will you tune in? The special airs Monday, February 16th at 6PM.

Chris Brown's Father Speaks Out About Arrest

We're still waiting to hear from Chris Brown about his recent arrest, but in the meanwhile his biological father, Clinton Brown is speaking about his altercation with girlfriend Rihanna saying his son is "remorseful." "He's reflecting on this situation," Brown, 44, a corrections officer, tells People magazine in an interview at his home in Virginia. "He's very remorseful. He's very concerned about the situation and he wants to make sure that [Rihanna's] okay. This is unfortunate, this stumble, this situation," Brown continues. "Hopefully, he will get past it. We all have our shortcomings. We all trip." His father insists that there are "two sides to every story" and he doesn't want people to be quick to judge. "If you are on his side, you are on his side," he says. "Just because someone trips, if you are truly a fan, you are not going to demonize him instantaneously." Regardless of the situation Chris has found himself in, his father insists, "As a father, I couldn't be more proud. He's the light of my life." At this point everyone is going to be quick to jump to conclusions and the truth is, no one knows what really went down that night. While there's never an excuse for domestic violence, we're anxiously waiting to hear both Chris and Rihanna's side of the stories.