Sunday, April 12, 2009

Rihanna Unwilling To Cooperate In Chris Brown Case

rihannaRihanna is said to be acting uncooperative when it comes to talking to the Los Angeles District Attorney regarding the case against Chris Brown.

Sources tell Fox News Rihanna just "wants the whole thing" to go away and isn’t helping the DA prepare his case against Brown for allegedly beating her the day before the Grammy Awards.

Sources also say Rihanna is still angry that the picture of her beaten and bruised leaked to the press, and that she’s being called Chris’ “victim.”

This is a little surprising that she would still be so uncooperative because she and Chris are reportedly “on a break.” The only reason she would have to not testify against him is if she wanted to get back together with him.

Apparently the DA already has a good case against Chris, but they wanted that extra edge of having Rihanna on their side, playing the victim role. Guess Rihanna’s not cool with that!

We can’t fault her for wanted this whole mess to go away, but she almost has an obligation to talk about it. We’re not saying she should be forced to testify, but at least shed some light to the DA!

Chris’ hearing is scheduled for one week from today on April 6th. Hopefully we’ll get some answers on what really happened. Do you think Rihanna should testify against Brown?

The Los Angeles County District Attorney denies that Rihanna is no longer cooperating in the Chris Brown case.

"We deal with her attorney who says she is a cooperating victim," L.A. County D.A. spokesperson Sandi Gibbons tells Usmagazine.com.


Rihanna and Chris to Reunite on Oprah?

rihanna and chris brown
It’s still unsure whether Rihanna and Chris Brown have reconciled, since we haven’t seen the two hanging out since reuniting at Diddy’s Miami mansion last month.

But a reconciliation may be in the works because rumor has it Oprah is trying to get both of them on her show at the same time. Talk about awkward!

Sources tell Look magazine that Oprah has secretly been talking to Rihanna. She also reportedly told her not to get back together with him. But Rihanna apparently wants Chris by her side if she appears on Oprah. She allegedly wants a public apology as well during the show.

Sources tell the publication, "Rihanna has been talking to Oprah Winfrey on a regular basis since late February, when Oprah begged her not to take Chris back.

"She's been having second thoughts about them being back together. Agreeing to go on Oprah's show and tell the world how sorry he is will help make up her mind."

Reps for Oprah deny any such show is in the works. But as crazy and awkward as it would be, we could see it happening! Even if Rihanna were take him back though, it seems the public is definitely over him.


Rihanna Back in Barbados

Rihanna is really enjoying her time off and her time away from the real world. In just the last week, the sexy singer has been spotted in Hawaii, New York and her native Barbados.

Rihanna was photographed arriving in Barbados on Friday afternoon looking super chic. She was sporting her new funky hair style matched with vibrant red lips.

One person who is really excited to see Rihanna is her father Ronald Fenty. He spoke to Us Weekly and expressed his excitement about Rihanna being back in town and back to normal.

"Yeah [she’s back]," her father said. "She just got in a couple hours ago. I will see her tomorrow."

"... I'm happy to have her home. Things are good with her," Fenty added. "She is doing really, really well. She's back to herself again."

Rihanna is in Barbados to help her grandparents celebrated their 50-year wedding anniversary.

Meanwhile, Chris Brown has been spotted in his home town of Virginia hanging with friends and family. Chris is due in court on Monday. No word whether Rihanna will show up. The two are currently on a break and are trying to keep a distance from one another.


Chris Brown Heads to Court, May Plead Not Guilty

rihanna and chris brown
The day of Chris Brown’s arraignment is finally here. Almost two months has passed since the night he allegedly beat Rihanna, and we’ll finally see the next chapter in this fiasco unfold.

Brown and his attorney Mark Geragos appeared at the scheduled arraignment last month, where Geragos was able to postpone the case by a month, which brings us to today.

Sources say that Chris will enter a not guilty plea on two felony counts today: assault with force likely to cause great bodily injury, and making criminal threats.

We’re not sure how he will be able to get himself out of this mess, but it sounds like he and Geragos are pretty confident. Other sources tell the NY Daily News that Brown could also try and have the arraignment postponed again.

He wants to avoid any jail time and doesn't want to plead guilty to the felony criminal threats charge since it would be a strike on his record under California's Three Strikes law.

The hearing was initially scheduled for this morning, but has since been changed to this afternoon. Rihanna is not expected to attend. Last we saw of her, she was still in Barbados. Sources tell the NY Daily News, "She has no interest in testifying.”


Chris Brown Pleads Not Guilty in Rihanna Case

rihanna and chris brown
Wearing all black, Chris Brown arrived to court today at 3:25p.m. for his arraignment. His mother who was seen smiling in court along with his bodyguards and his lawyer Mark Geragos accompanied him.

Hollyscoop was inside the courtroom when Chris entered his "not guilty" plea. His mood was very somber and he could barely be heard when he spoke to the Judge.

Brown pleaded not guilty on both counts including criminal threats and assault after he was charged with allegedly beating his ex-girlfriend Rihanna.

After the arraignment Rihanna's attorney, Donald Etra held a press conference outside the courthouse stating that Rihanna was not present in court because the law did not require her to be in court. But he did mention that she would cooperate with the court if she is ordered to and she would be pleased "if it [the case] were over quickly." He also stated that what happened in court was fully expected.

Hollyscoop spoke to Etra after the press conference where he told us that Rihanna is still in Barbados spending time with her family.

When asked if Rihanna and Chris Brown are still in contact, he told Hollyscoop: "I don't comment on my clients personal life."

Chris is due back in court on April 29, 2009.


Rihanna's Dad Says Chris Is in Denial

rihanna and chris brown
Just one day after Chris Brown has entered a not guilty plea in response to being charged with allegedly assaulting Rihanna, her father has spoken back out about the situation.

Ronald Fenty finds Chris’ plea ridiculous, and tells Us Weekly that he “needs to stop being in denial.”

He says, "So what happened? Somebody else did this to Rihanna then? I just would like to see justice go in the right direction."

Fenty definitely has a lot to say on this issue. He went on to say Chris should be treated like anyone else who commits a crime. He said, "I don't want his career to be damaged -- it’s damaged already.

"I think he’s a talented guy, but everybody should have to pay. When you do the crime, you do the time. I don't want to see him locked up for a long time -- I just want him to acknowledge and get some help."

But Ronald knows this case is far from over. And he says that if Chris continues to insist he’s not guilty, then he wants to know who is.

He added: "Now he’s going to go beyond that and it could go longer, it can be even worse. It can be worse for him in the long run."

We think the only way to get this resolved is if Rihanna eventually takes the stand. She’s made it pretty clear she doesn’t want involvement, but to just stand around and let Chris get away with this makes her look bad too.


Chris Brown Fans Still Support Him After Alleged Assault

Believe it or not, R&B star Chris Brown still has the support of his fans.

Although Brown has tarnished his reputation for allegedly assaulting his ex girlfriend Rihanna, many came out to the Los Angeles courthouse yesterday to show their support for the R&B star.

One fan told Hollyscoop, “I'm still supporting him. I like Chris brown, I like his music, I think he’s a normal person.”

When we asked fans what they thought about his alleged altercation one fan said, “I think everybody has problems in a relationship.”

Another fan chimed in, “Whatever happened between them, nobody actually knows the truth--the real story behind the altercation of what happened, how it was started. I'm a Rihanna fan too, and she’s back with him so…”

The fact that Rihanna reunited with Chris after the alleged attack makes fans feel like what happened was normal, which is pretty frightening. There's nothing "normal" about assaulting someone!

One fan said, “I think that what he did was a normal situation in a relationship. I know that he hit her, but I think they 're going to get through it especially since they are still together. “

When we asked a loyal Chris Brown fan if it was ok that he allegedly hit her, she said, “No, I don’t think its ok that the hit her, I think she played a part in it and they shouldn’t just be putting the blame on Chris Brown. They should look at what Rihanna was doing to cause him to hit her in the first place.”

Chris, who arrived to court for his arraignment and plead “Not Guilty” could face up to four years in jail if convicted.

One fan stated, “I hope he doesn’t go to jail for a long time, I like his music, so four years is a long time for me to not hear from him, or see him in concert. He’s a very good performer and a good person so I just hope for the best.”

Check out our exclusive video with some of Chris' most loyal fans below and let us know your thoughts on the situation...


Rihanna Visits a Sick Fan in the Hospital

Rihanna proved recently that her life isn’t entirely consumed by the Chris Brown ordeal. She took time off from everything and decided to pay attention to one of her biggest fans.

Last week, Rihanna visited 6-year-old Jasmina Anema, who has a rare form of leukemia. As Rihanna came into her NYU Medical Center room, Jasmina exclaimed, "She's really here!"

Doctors are currently trying to find Jasmina a match for bone marrow, and the chemo she’s been going through often makes...