Sunday, April 12, 2009

Chris Brown Pleads Not Guilty in Rihanna Case

rihanna and chris brown
Wearing all black, Chris Brown arrived to court today at 3:25p.m. for his arraignment. His mother who was seen smiling in court along with his bodyguards and his lawyer Mark Geragos accompanied him.

Hollyscoop was inside the courtroom when Chris entered his "not guilty" plea. His mood was very somber and he could barely be heard when he spoke to the Judge.

Brown pleaded not guilty on both counts including criminal threats and assault after he was charged with allegedly beating his ex-girlfriend Rihanna.

After the arraignment Rihanna's attorney, Donald Etra held a press conference outside the courthouse stating that Rihanna was not present in court because the law did not require her to be in court. But he did mention that she would cooperate with the court if she is ordered to and she would be pleased "if it [the case] were over quickly." He also stated that what happened in court was fully expected.

Hollyscoop spoke to Etra after the press conference where he told us that Rihanna is still in Barbados spending time with her family.

When asked if Rihanna and Chris Brown are still in contact, he told Hollyscoop: "I don't comment on my clients personal life."

Chris is due back in court on April 29, 2009.


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