Sunday, August 21, 2011

Eminem and Rihanna Rock the 2011 V Festival in UK (Video)

Eminem headined at the V Festival in Weston Park, Staffordshire, UK on Saturday night (Aug. 20). Rihanna joined him on stage to perform a duet of Love the Way You Lie.
Eminem’s set also included the songs ‘The Way I Am’, ‘Without Me’, ‘No Love’ and the D-12-featuring song ‘Purple Pills’.
Rihanna sang her hits “S&M,” “Cheers (Drink to That),” “California King Bed” and “Man Down,” along with others.
Before the show the 23-year-old singing sensation gave a shout out to her fans, “#VFESTDay1 I LOVE YOU!!! 80′000 screaming rockstars!!! I can’t wait to see Eminem!!!!” she tweeted.
Both Eminem and Rihanna now head to V Festival at Chelmsford’s Hydlands Park tonight (August 21).

Rihanna Gets Super Sexy At V Festival

While in Britain performing at the Staffordshire leg of the V Festival, Rihanna, the 23 year-old pop sensation from Barbados, got the audience roused with her sultry outfit and steamy dance moves.
She donned the stage in a pair of short, short, short denim shorts embellished with silver cone studs and a cropped Union Flag print top accessorized with safety pins.  She completed her sexy outfit with a black, fishnet stockings and a silver studded black leather jacket.

Rihanna Channels Big Bird and We're Terrified

Rihanna is my girl because she has an amazing voice and exudes this crazy strong feminine aura. Killer confidence, that's what she's got. And that confidence is the same reason she can wear things like this feathery getup out in public.
Unfortunately, just because she can put on this ensemble and not feel like an aquamarine cousin of Big Bird doesn't mean she doesn't look like like one.
The singer peacocked her way into London's House of Fraser for the launch of her new perfume, Reb'l Fleur. And while I love her gold accessories and nude Louboutin pumps, I can't help but wonder if this outlandish outfit is a scary preview of more to come.
But I digress.
Recently, Rihanna's been rocking some crazy costumes. Let me rephrase that. It's more about what she hasn't been wearing. On tour, she was recently photographed by the masses wearing a scandalous neon high-waisted bikini bottom and top. And then, just last week, the paparazzi caught her in at home in Barbados wearing next to nothing (and even, once, a headdress!) on more than one occasion. She's expressing herself. I appreciate that. But there's a difference between self-expression and just absolute ridiculousness. I hope this weird phase comes full circle.
Even the most beautiful people can look horrible in the wrong clothes. Take this morning's cerulean outfit, for example. Her hair-styling is gorgeous and screams old Hollywood glamour. But I can hardly appreciate her beautiful features with that furry frock overpowering her. I can't possibly fathom how a woman with her good taste could think it looks pretty.
What I will say, though, is I bet she's super comfortable. It's sort of like going out wearing your (very expensive) bedspread.

Fans give mixed reactions to Rihanna's V Festival performance

Rihanna played an action-packed set on the first night of V Festival at Weston Park on Saturday (Aug 20).

The pop star, wearing a midriff-baring Union Jack shirt, fishnet leggings, short jean shorts and a leather jacket, arrived on stage while dancing against a pole as she began singing 'Only Girl (In The World)'. Later on in her set, she sat straddled on top of a pink smoke-blowing cannon while her backup dancers carried pink rifle guns.

Rihanna also showed off her instrumental skills, playing drums at the end of 'Breakin' Dishes'.

Many fans, like Sam Bathgate, 17, thought the performance was "amazing. Everything she did was dead good. The way she was dressed looked gorgeous - it was absolutely fab. She pulled it all off really well, and she had me singing along to every single song she did."

However, for some festival-goers, the show lacked audience interaction. "It was a really good performance, performance-wise," Frances Clark, 23 told NME. "But she didn't speak to the audience very much, which I think is important to make you feel part of it. I just wanted a bit more of that, really."

Rihanna later joined Eminem onstage during his headline slot to perform 'Love The Way You Lie'.

You can watch rough and ready fan footage of Rihanna's V Festival set, courtesy of TomHarrison100, by scrolling down to the video below.

Rihanna Inks Deal To Promote Barbados

Rihanna kicked off the relationship with the BTA during her trip to Barbados last week, where she gave a performance to over 25,000 fans during a concert at the Kensington Oval, which was produced by Jay-Z's Roc Nation.

"I travel everywhere in the world and nothing feels like this place... never," Rihanna said during the concert. "And it all started like really two streets over from this oval where I grew up, where I was raised, right there in Westbury -- singing in the shower, annoying my neighbors. Now I'm back home with a full-on concert for my country. Thanks to you, Barbados!"

As a cultural ambassador for Barbados, Rihanna will be responsible for promoting the destination and advertising campaigns, promotional appearances and on social networks.

Late nights and early mornings, anytime is workout time for Rihanna

SINGER Rihanna is so determined to stay in shape she rises as early as 4am to maintain her peak pop physique.
Her trainer, Ary Nunez, said: ''Rihanna trains as much as she can, whenever she can.
''This could be every day or three times a week. Her work schedule is extremely demanding, so thank goodness shes naturally a hard-working person.
"We make time and find time whether it is at 4am or 9am.''
According to her trainer, the 23-year-old beauty is even willing to work out while having her hair and make-up done.
''We always squeeze it in,'' Ary added.
While Rihanna works hard to maintain her toned physique, Ary believes she is naturally in good shape because it doesn't take long for her to look her best.
She told the new issue of Britain's Star magazine: Rihanna has a gifted physique. She can become lean, get baby guns (biceps) and firm up her core quickly.

Rihanna's 14,000-pound hair and more fashion news!

Rihanna spends 14,000 pounds a week on her hairstyle!
Umbrella singer Rihanna is said to be spending 14,000 pounds a week on one of Hollywood's leading hair stylists.
The 23-year-old singer pays top celebrity stylist Ursula Stephen 2,000 pounds a day to make sure she looks her best.
"Rihanna likes to pioneer new styles but it's costing her a fortune. She makes several public appearances a week, and the cost soon stacks up," the Daily Mail quoted one of her staff as saying.
"Ursula is a close confidante and they are together all the time."
"You have to wonder why she insists on keeping such an expensive member of her entourage on the payroll 24/7. Most of these costs are paid for by her management," the staff added.
Rihanna has changed her hairstyle 13 times since it was dyed bright red last November, including a huge red afro that got her the nickname 'Side-Show Bob' after the Simpsons cartoon character.

Rihanna Back Together With Her First Love

After rumors that Rihanna was back together with Drake she squashed those stories as friends are saying she's back together with her first love.

Back when Rihanna was just a teenager in Barbados she dated a guy named Lucky Negus Sealy and insiders say that Rihanna's recent trip to Barbados has reignited their old flame.

Negus is staying with Rihanna at her villa on the Sandy Lane estate, and this aint no Barbados booty call. A source says, "Negus has hardly left her side. He was her first true love...They've hooked up in the past when she's been back in Barbados but now things have progressed into a proper relationship again."

Ohhh so that was the guy she was spotted booty grinding on at that Barbados parade. I guess Lucky got lucky.

Apparently this guy is some kind of Barbados town slut and the locals call him the "Love God."

They say you never forget your first love. No really, how can you forget a guy named "Love God."

This has bad idea written all over it. I wonder if "What's my name?" was inspired by Lucky. So let's get this straight, his real name is Lucky and his nickname is Love God? Uhmm hi, what comic book porn is this guy stealing his names from?

Other celebs that are still with their first boyfriends or girlfriends? Sarah Hyland who plays rebellious Haley on "Modern Family" has been with her guy for 3 years, he's the first guy she seriously dated and now they live together.

Kevin Jonas married his first love Danielle Deleasa, and although they are super young, they've been married almost 2 years.

Rihanna Still "Good Friends" with Ex Matt Kemp

Although Rihanna broke up with Dodgers player Matt Kemp in December the two are still friends. Kemp told Us Weekly “She’s a good friend of mine. We’re good.”

Rihanna and Kemp broke up because she was reportedly too busy for him, a source said “he just can’t keep up with her crazy travel schedule.” That's code for "he wasn't famous enough."

So there was no dramatic break-up then? “No, not at all,” says Kemp, “We’ve all got busy lives and we’re working on our careers and concentrating on our careers. Like I said, I wish her all the best of luck and she wishes me all the best of luck.”

I just don’t think Rihanna was cut out to be a ball player’s girlfriend. When you date an athlete you kind of have to take a backseat in the relationship and I’m pretty sure Rihanna was not about that. That’s why she dates other artists who are popular but not more popular than her (i.e. Chris Brown, Drake).

So for all you jersey chasers out there, this is what Kemp looks for in a woman. “Nice shoes, great teeth, good smile, good skin.” So basically, just splurge on a better pair of heels, some Crest white strips and some Neutrogena and you’re good to go.

“It doesn’t matter [if they’re famous or not] as long as they have a good heart and a good head on her shoulders.”

Rihanna and Drake: It's On!

After months of speculation, it turns out Rihanna and Drake really have been dating on the down low. You couldn’t fool us for long.

They were caught kissing at the Buonanotte supper club in Montreal, Canada last month, and have been spending a lot of time together since. But don’t hold your breath waiting for a wedding just yet---apparently it’s a super casual fling at this point.

A source told the New York Post newspaper: “They (Rihanna and Drake) are definitely attracted to each other. But she's all about her career, and he wants to date around."

They briefly dating in 2009 after the whole Chris Brown incident but it didn’t work out because Rihanna didn’t want a relationship at the time. Can’t blame the girl.

Just last year Rihanna said: "I definitely was attracted to Drake, but I think it is what it is - it was what it was. We didn't want to take it any further. It was at a really fragile time in my life, so I just didn't want to get too serious with anything or anyone at that time."

Rihanna spent last Thursday night partying at the Greenhouse club in New York City with her brother and cousins, and wouldn’t even give someone else the time of day because she’s reportedly so into Drake.

Rihanna: Fame Kills Your Love Life

Rihanna says being famous has ruined her love life. Apparently, men are intimidated by her and all her fame. 

I have idea why that would be, it’s not like she’s dated everyone from Colin Farrell to Drake, or that she has 10 number one hits on the Billboard hot 100 charts and she’s only 23, or that she told Cosmo magazine that she likes her men “hot and hung.” No idea why any of those things would make a man feel intimidated!

“It can definitely be intimidating to guys to date someone in this industry. And it’s really hard to find a guy who doesn’t care about that stuff,” the Barbados singer has said.

Rihanna was recently linked to Los Angeles Dodger Matt Kemp but she hints that she is single when she admitted that she is “open to love.” She tells UK Cosmo mag her theories on a good relationship, “Guys should have to earn it. Because the minute they get it, they want something else.”

Preach it girl. However, as much as RiRi claims it’s hard to date when you are soooo famous, she seems to like to make men work for it. “Men like the thrill of the chase when it comes to pursuing a mate, so you have to keep ‘em guessing. I’m like that too. I get bored fast.” 

Rihanna: I Like My Men 'Hung'

Want to date Rihanna? No problem. She only has two requirements, you better be hot and you better be hung. Want a ruler?

Rihanna confessed that a guy with a large package is her main priority when choosing men. Hmm…and she wonders why she keeps picking the wrong men.

Asked by US Cosmopolitan magazine how she likes her men, Rihanna replied: "Hot and hung, but sweet will do!

"I'm turned on to a guy by different things. It could be the way he looks. It could be his intelligence. It's really a spontaneous thing.”

And when it comes to dating, she admits she gets bored easily because for the most part she dates like a man.

She added: "I'm open to love but guys should have to earn it because the minute they get it, they want something else. Men are like hunters; they like the chase. So you have to keep them guessing.

"Actually, I'm like that too. I get bored very quickly. So if someone can make me laugh, that's the best."

Friday, February 26, 2010

Rihanna Wrote a Song About Chris Brown

We figured Rihanna’s “harder” album this year was in due part to her incident with Chris Brown last February. But it isn’t until now that she’s actually admitting to it. the songstress spoke with CNN and told them that working on Rated R really helped her to vent about her public break-up.

She especially opened up about the track “Cold Case Love,” which she says covers everything she "didn't say for the past eight months." The song, which is a collaboration with Justin Timberlake, is all about the aftermath Brown left her with.

She says, "It's a song that everybody wanted to hear, everything that I didn't say for the past eight months, exactly how I felt about that relationship and how I feel about it now - that song says it all."

In related news, all signs point to the fact that Rihanna has finally moved on from Brown with Dodger player Matt Kemp. He did an interview with MLB.com to talk about being thrown into the public eye in a different way since being linked to Rihanna. He said, "It can be a little overwhelming. But it's not going to affect my work. I get my work in and plan on repeating the same season or even better."

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Matt Kemp Throws Rihanna a Birthday Party

So much for them being “just friends”! Rihanna celebrated her 22nd birthday over the weekend, and Dodger player Matt Kemp threw a big bash for her in Phoenix, where’s he’s been for spring training.

According to E!, the bash was a total surprise to Rihanna, who was only expecting a small get-together with a few close friends.

According to insiders, Kemp planned the big event for over a month! The source claims the party included Sprinkles cupcakes, Jamaican-style food, and Johnny Walker Blue Label as the drink of choice.

Kemp reportedly brought out a cake decorated with all of Rihanna’s tattoos, while everyone sang Happy Birthday. "It was so sweet, and she was really surprised," the source said. "She looked just beautiful."

The insider claims Kemp gave Rihanna a custom-made diamond necklace as her gift, as well as a lapdance from a little person porn star named Bridget the Midget! "It was a female little person," says a source of the strip tease. "She thought it was funny!"

Rihanna: People Think I'm a Bitch

Rihanna has an image to maintain, but unfortunately her 'Hard' persona often comes out to be a little bitchy.

RiRi admits that people often think she's rude because she isn't always open and chatty when she meets new people.

She told WPGC radio: "I don't really open up to a lot of people, usually I go very quiet. If I don't know someone often I don't say very much, I observe and people think I am snooty because of that.

"People assume that I'm a b***h. But I don't think that I am. I just don't feel I have to be that enthusiastic if I don't know who you are yet."

One couple Rihanna always feels at ease with is her good pal Katy Perry and her new fiance Russell Brand because they make her “die laughing.”

“They are always kidding around and making jokes,” she said. “When I’m with them I just die laughing. They are both hilarious but together they are even funnier to be with.

She thinks the duo is so hilarious a movie studio should consider giving them their own movie. “It’s only a matter of time before they end up in a movie together or something,” she added.