Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Matt Kemp Throws Rihanna a Birthday Party

So much for them being “just friends”! Rihanna celebrated her 22nd birthday over the weekend, and Dodger player Matt Kemp threw a big bash for her in Phoenix, where’s he’s been for spring training.

According to E!, the bash was a total surprise to Rihanna, who was only expecting a small get-together with a few close friends.

According to insiders, Kemp planned the big event for over a month! The source claims the party included Sprinkles cupcakes, Jamaican-style food, and Johnny Walker Blue Label as the drink of choice.

Kemp reportedly brought out a cake decorated with all of Rihanna’s tattoos, while everyone sang Happy Birthday. "It was so sweet, and she was really surprised," the source said. "She looked just beautiful."

The insider claims Kemp gave Rihanna a custom-made diamond necklace as her gift, as well as a lapdance from a little person porn star named Bridget the Midget! "It was a female little person," says a source of the strip tease. "She thought it was funny!"


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  2. Well at least Matt Kemp has more going for him than "Lucky". I can't wait to get my Rihanna concert tickets in the mail so I can see that girl for myself!!!