Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Rihanna: People Think I'm a Bitch

Rihanna has an image to maintain, but unfortunately her 'Hard' persona often comes out to be a little bitchy.

RiRi admits that people often think she's rude because she isn't always open and chatty when she meets new people.

She told WPGC radio: "I don't really open up to a lot of people, usually I go very quiet. If I don't know someone often I don't say very much, I observe and people think I am snooty because of that.

"People assume that I'm a b***h. But I don't think that I am. I just don't feel I have to be that enthusiastic if I don't know who you are yet."

One couple Rihanna always feels at ease with is her good pal Katy Perry and her new fiance Russell Brand because they make her “die laughing.”

“They are always kidding around and making jokes,” she said. “When I’m with them I just die laughing. They are both hilarious but together they are even funnier to be with.

She thinks the duo is so hilarious a movie studio should consider giving them their own movie. “It’s only a matter of time before they end up in a movie together or something,” she added.


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