Sunday, April 12, 2009

Chris Brown Heads to Court, May Plead Not Guilty

rihanna and chris brown
The day of Chris Brown’s arraignment is finally here. Almost two months has passed since the night he allegedly beat Rihanna, and we’ll finally see the next chapter in this fiasco unfold.

Brown and his attorney Mark Geragos appeared at the scheduled arraignment last month, where Geragos was able to postpone the case by a month, which brings us to today.

Sources say that Chris will enter a not guilty plea on two felony counts today: assault with force likely to cause great bodily injury, and making criminal threats.

We’re not sure how he will be able to get himself out of this mess, but it sounds like he and Geragos are pretty confident. Other sources tell the NY Daily News that Brown could also try and have the arraignment postponed again.

He wants to avoid any jail time and doesn't want to plead guilty to the felony criminal threats charge since it would be a strike on his record under California's Three Strikes law.

The hearing was initially scheduled for this morning, but has since been changed to this afternoon. Rihanna is not expected to attend. Last we saw of her, she was still in Barbados. Sources tell the NY Daily News, "She has no interest in testifying.”


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  1. Hes a bastardo, beat her so bad, so bad they made a have on it lol