Saturday, May 16, 2009

Rihanna Asks Cops to Return $1 Million in Jewelry

Rihanna and her lawyer Donald Etra are asking police to return over $1 million dollars worth of jewelry they're still holding onto for "evidence."

The night Rihanna was allegedly attacked by her ex boyfriend Chris Brown, she was wearing $1.4 million dollars worth of jewels. And the borrowed diamonds have yet to be returned.

"Since there appears to be no evidentiary value to the continued holding of this jewelry ... we respectfully [ask] the court to order the return of this property to [Rihanna] without further delay," her lawyer Donald Etra wrote in a court request filed earlier this week.

The borrowed jewelry included two yellow metal hoop earrings with white stones; one yellow metal ring with white stones and green stones; and two yellow metal rings with white stones.

The Gucci printed dress she also wore on the night of Clive Davis' pre-Grammy party is also being held for evidence. Only problem is, that was also borrowed for the night.

Rihanna's attorney stated in the documents that Rihanna is going to be held liable for the diamonds and the dress by the designers, unless she returns them ASAP.

So far the LAPD has refused to comment on the situation, and the DA hasn't responded to Donald's request, but we'll keep you guys updated as soon as we hear more!


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