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RIHANNA's lawyer and CHRIS BROWN's publicist are playing down reports the R&B couple is planning a book deal together in a bid to rehab the disgraced Kiss Kiss singer's image.
On Thursday (05Mar09), Chicago Sun-Times columnist Bill Zwecker claimed Brown's management team was working on a deal with Rihanna's handlers, which would include a joint book project, a series of TV interviews together and a whopping $10 million (GBP7.1 million) hand-out to the Umbrella singer if Brown ever made a repeat performance of his alleged 8 February (09) beat down, which left the pretty pop star in hospital.
A source told Zwecker, Brown would pay "as much as $10 million... if he as much as squeezes her arm the wrong way."
But Brown's publicist, Michael Sitrick, insists much of the columnist’s report features inaccuracies, including the book deal details and the $10 million contractual agreement.
And Rihanna's lawyer Donald Etra insists he knows nothing about the claims the columnist has made.
But Zwecker is standing by his story and his sources, telling U.S. news show Access Hollywood, "Project Mea Culpa is the name that is apparently being used by his (Brown) group (for this).
"(The deal) is obviously a kind of commitment from him to her (Rihanna) that he was serious about the fact that this will never happen again."
After a brief split following the pair's violent bust-up in Los Angeles, Brown and Rihanna are reportedly back together.
Brown was charged with two assault felonies on Thursday (05Mar09), related to his alleged attack on Rihanna, and will appear in court on 6 April (09) for a hearing.
If convicted, he faces almost five years behind bars.

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