Monday, February 11, 2008

Rihanna takes gym-going very seriously


You know the difference between us and celebrities? They go to the gym a lot more.

In fact, they spend so much time in the gym, they don't even bother changing into normal outfits when they pop out to the supermarket. Or "grocery store", as our American cousins would call it.

And here's a case in point: Rihanna, snapped this weekend going to a grocery store and yet clearly dressed for the gym.

Although maybe she's just read all that stuff in magazines that tell us that you can work off 300 calories an hour doing the shopping, and so on? And got dressed accordingly. Now if only we'd caught her doing squat thrusts down Aisle Five....



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  2. luv rihanna,
    thanks for postin~
    rihanna rox