Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Rihanna and Chris Get Shady

Rihanna and Chris Brown

Want more evidence of a potentially budding romance between Rihanna and Chris Brown?

I heard the two were doing a little swagging together at the Grammys. A fellow swagger told me they hit the official awards gifting suite to find some new sunglasses.

The two music superstars arrived together but were careful about not leaving any photographic evidence behind. They declined having their pictures taken.

Even so, Rihanna walked away with a fierce pair of Balenciaga shades while her 18-year-old maybe-boyfriend took home two pairs of oversize Marc Jacobs glasses in red and blue.

My spy also informed me that at one point “Chris was telling her they needed to go, and in seconds they were gone.”

For more on this not-so-undercover couple, click over to my gossiping cohort Hollywood Party Girl to get all the deets on Rihanna’s early birthday party (she turns 20 next Wednesday) on Tuesday night at Hollywood hot spot Les Deux.



  1. lol... Rihanna and Chris get shady... lol

  2. How old is chris? isnt he like 18 or something?