Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Rihanna to cover up?

Rihanna’s alleged flame Chris Brown has reportedly warned her against wearing revealing clothes, for he fears the singer’s sexy curves may end up attracting too many male fans. "Chris adores her, but he gets a little jealous when she is strutting her stuff. Her stage costumes are racy, and when she is not performing, she likes to dress to impress," the China Daily quoted a source as saying. Rihanna, however, is determined to continue showing off her fantastic figure, the source says. "She is sexy and likes to dress sexy," the source adds. The ''Umbrella'' star has not confirmed that she is dating Brown as yet. Even Brown said earlier this week that he was not prepared to talk about his alleged romance with Rihanna. "Nobody wants to focus on what''s positive, everybody just wants to know about my personal life. Every interview I do, it''s like, ''So, how are you and such and such doing?'' And I''m like, ''I don''t know you, why you all in my business?''" said the 19-year-old pop hunk, who has been spotted kissing the pop beauty on numerous occasions.

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