Friday, November 6, 2009

Rihanna’s New Single is an Edgy Club-Banger


It’s been a while since singer Rihanna has released a solo single or album following the mega success of Good Girl Gone Bad. She’s managed to stay relevant in the industry with various guest appearances on such tracks as Jay-Z’s “Run This Town,” and T.I’s “Live Your Life.” Finally, we’ve heard via Rolling Stone that one of the song’s featured on her upcoming album is going to be an edgy, club banger for all to enjoy.

Record producer Chris “Tricky” Stewart recently discussed one of the songs he worked on with Rihanna which he describes as a guaranteed smash. He can’t release the name of the single at the moment, but seems confident regarding its chart topping potential. According to him, the singer has grown a lot since her last album, and plenty of noticeable changes have been made to her sound.

“This is Rihanna coming into her own and going from being a girl that has been singing big, huge hit records, and the artist is awake and alive and moving on this project,” Stewart said. “She knows exactly what she wants to say, she knows how she wants to feel.”

Rihanna’s album will be aptly titled, The Wait is Ova, and is scheduled for release on November 23rd. There have been rumors that it will be a double disc, but nothing’s been confirmed. Only time will tell on this one. Rihanna’s not known for her vocal prowess, but she steadily produces catchy, melodic tunes that are always backed by nice beats.

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